• 17 April

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What you achieved in Ramadan 2014

This Ramadan, your support of Orphans in Need grew immensely. Through television live appeals, fundraising events, Gather to Give, over the phone, the internet, text message and more, your generosity meant that over 3,000 orphans have been sponsored in that month alone! That’s over 3,000 helpless children who you have ensured have a shelter over their heads, good food to eat, clothing, medical care and an education.

Your incredible response has meant that these orphans will be provided for throughout the year, in line with our aim to ensure that our orphan children are provided for on a long-term basis, and not just with hand-outs.

Food parcel distribution

Widow and orphan food parcel distribution is a key Orphans in Need project which is carried out all-year round. We deliver monthly food parcels to destitute widows and their families which provide them with a month’s-worth of staple food items including rice, flour, oil, beans and pulses.
This Ramadan, your overwhelming support meant that over 4,000 food parcels were delivered to these families in Somalia, Gaza, Mali, Gambia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. With typically five people in each family, this means that more than 20,000 poor widows and orphans were provided for with food during this blessed month.

It is your £30 donation for a food parcel that has made this possible. Remember, this is a project that we continue throughout the year, so please do continue supporting us.

Gaza emergency response

With the number of deaths and injuries rising daily, our supporters were eager to do something to help the people of Gaza. We are in regular contact with our team on the ground that looks after our orphans. After having broken down in tears, they have stressed to us that the urgent need is for medical and food supplies. Despite the surrounding dangers, we have just distributed vital food and medical supplies on your behalf.

All of the children that we sponsor in Gaza remain unharmed, although we are continually monitoring their situation as the crisis continues.

Our work goes on

Ramadan may seem like a distant memory to many of us but our work goes on. We will ensure that the children who were sponsored in this month continue to receive the high level of care we promised in Ramadan and throughout the year. There are still millions of orphans and widows out there who need our support and we will continue to assist them in the best way possible and hope you will continue to help us in doing so.

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