• 15 July

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Palestine is a country situated in the Middle East with a long and rich history.

Despite this abundance of culture, it’s a region that has long been facing a large amount of stress. The Palestinians are struggling with a limited water supply, food insecurity, poverty, and a lack of healthcare facilities. As a result, millions are suffering and thousands more are dying. However, with your help, we can make a difference for the struggling inhabitants of Palestine.

Orphans in Need is a UK based Palestine charity, providing life-saving support to people whose lives have been devastated by poverty, food insecurity, limited healthcare, and an array of other issues. In order for our charity to help Palestine, we rely on your generous donations.

The Situation in Palestine

The Gaza strip in Palestine is one of the most densely populated areas across the globe, with a population of roughly 21 million. As many as 95% of the population don’t have access to clean water on top of a seemingly endless power shortage. The shortages are not exclusive to food and power, with nearly 50% of Gaza’s population not being able to obtain enough food. As a result, roughly 60% of Gaza’s children are anaemic, whilst many others stop growing as a consequence of malnutrition. Due to this countless list of issues, 80% of the population are now relying on humanitarian assistance as a means of survival.

Due to this countless list of issues, 80% of the population are now relying on humanitarian assistance as a means of survival.

Young People in Palestine

Approximately 40% of the Palestinian population are under 14 years old, meaning that the children of Palestine are being forced to bear the brunt of ongoing crises. Due to this, many young people don’t see a promising future ahead of them, presenting them with many fears about what’s to come. The notion of a dismal future and fears of what’s ahead is slowly becoming the norm of young people in Gaza, which is devastating.

How You Can Help

You can contribute to our charity work in Palestine by donating to our Gaza Emergency Appeal. Your donations allow us to provide life-changing support to orphan and widow families throughout Palestine. We aid these struggling individuals by distributing emergency food parcels, providing safe drinking water, and delivering life-saving medication.

You can even sponsor an orphan to give them a chance at a better future. Your sponsors are responsible for providing a struggling orphan with food, access to healthcare, and educational opportunities.

Please, donate to save the people of Palestine.