• 24 May

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Little Hearts of the World Event March 2012

Orphans In Need have put together their first ever Fundraising Dinner, raising funds to help Orphaned Children & Widowed Women.

The event will bring people together to enjoy a wide variety of music, nasheeds, performances, all concentrating on creating a positive & spiritual ambience.

Orphans In Need have a number of worthy projects, projects that really highlight the support we can provide to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. The main project we will be focusing on will be the “Orphan Village.” The village will have 24, 5 bedroom houses. 4 bedrooms will home 3 Orphaned children each and the 5th bedroom will home a Widowed Women, who’s main role will be to look after the children, with the help of a care taker.

Quirky / Emotional / Creative / Elegant / Spiritual : are a few of the words I would use to describe the event….

We have a lot of fun, quirky things happening to really engage the audience and to make each person who attends, feel part of this project. (it’s not the usual fundraising dinner)

It would be amazing to see you, your family and friends joining us.


Date/Time: 17th March 2012 6PM till 10PM
Location: Rio Grande : Bradford
Price: £20.00* per ticket

Contact: [email protected] or Call : 0783 778 5877 .

Your support in spreading the word would be much appreciated also.