• 24 May

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How You Can Help Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, millions of children and families are in dire need of help and support.

Currently living in troubling and vulnerable conditions, they face crisis after crisis, including displacement, poverty, violence and disease. The number of people relying on aid from charities like Orphans in Need increases every second. Without your generous donations, we can’t help them so if you want to make a real difference to people in Bangladesh, please donate to our appeal to ensure we can continue our efforts.

Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingya displacement from Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh has caused many refugees to flee to the country since the 1970s, making it one of the biggest crises in the country. The Rohingya people are an ethnic minority group who are victims of state-sponsored persecution. For decades they have faced institutionalised discrimination from the Myanmar government, experiencing genocidal violence. Upon reaching Bangladesh, the Rohingya refugees were located and settled into camps within refugee settlements. Around 880,000 individuals from this ethnic minority – primarily children – currently overcrowd the settlements with poor sanitation and limited facilities, increasing risks of disease and other harmful occurrences.

Many non-profit organisations helping in Bangladesh have been working to provide aid and accommodation to the Rohingya people. They are currently providing basic essential humanitarian assistance for them and other communities residing near refugee camps. Bangladesh has been assisting and helping the Rohingya refugees; however, many other problems are affecting the country.

Poverty and Disease

Bangladesh is a Third World country. Many of its residents struggle to escape the cycle of poverty which impacts every aspect of life. There is a widespread shortage of food leading to malnutrition, and poor sanitation plays a major role in spreading deadly preventable diseases. Furthermore, only 34% of the people in Bangladeshi have access to clean drinking water. You can help ease the suffering and end the hunger by donating to our widow and orphan food parcels. For the duration of the pandemic, we have been including hygiene kits with our food parcels to slow the spread of disease and protect those who are most vulnerable.

Lack of Education

Many children in Bangladesh face persistent abuse and the threat of trafficking. Many girls are forced to marry early, pushing them out of school and into exploitative work. It is estimated that around 6.2 million children across Bangladesh never receive an education.

Many parents and widows place their children in orphanages hoping that they will have a better life, but orphanages are overrun and often do not have sufficient supplies to care for all those who live within their walls. By donating to our global orphan appeal, you can transform the lives of these children. With your donations, we can provide orphanages and the wider community with food, healthcare and access to education, giving the next generation hope that their children need not face the hardship they and so many before them have.

How You Can Help Bangladesh

There are many ways for you to help Bangladesh, in the form of fundraising, donating to our appeals directly or volunteering.

With your help and donations, Orphans in Need can provide aid to Bangladesh in the form of Covid-19 support, sanitary services, distributing essential food, installing clean water supplies and making education more accessible to those who would have otherwise been denied the opportunity.

Please donate now and make a positive change to those most in need in Bangladesh.