• 24 May

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Feed Our World Campaign Partner

A 365-a-day-a-year campaign Feed Our World was launched in July ahead of Ramadan 2012, bringing together ten aid organisations which included Orphans in Need, with the aim of feeding 10,000 orphans and displaced families in ten countries, during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Penny Appeal was able to meet its target comfortably and generate a surplus of funds which will help the charity to continue feeding across Africa, Asia and the Middle East – with a typical food pack containing meat, rice, a selection of fruit and vegetables, water and milk or juice.

The Ramadan feeding programme began in Syria on Saturday 11th August and continued for ten consecutive evenings in Palestine, Somalia, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Pakistan and finally Afghanistan on Monday 20th August.

Orphans in Need were instrumental in helping distributing the meals especially with our past experience of running the Widows & Orphans Food Pack.