• 15 July

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Iftar for an Orphan Child

Help us support another 10,000 orphans.

Jazakallah and thank you for taking the first steps towards bringing joy and hope to a child in need.

Inshallah, we will embark on a journey together to help a child be lifted out of poverty. To assist them in overcoming hardship and struggles brought about by losing their beloved fathers, their means of support and sustenance. To give courage and assistance to a mother who has been left without her companion, her protector and provider.

We cannot bring their beloved fathers back, but we can be a means of support and hope to these families, for a better, more secure future.

We want to work with you within the blessed month of Ramadan to raise valuable funds so that we can support even more Orphaned children. With the help of you and your family, we want to raise £360 per family, which is less than £1 a day to support an orphan for 365 days.

This is a great opportunity to get your whole family involved in gaining barakah in the most holy of months, a great teaching experience for your children, nieces and or nephews.

As an organisation specialising in Orphan Sponsorship, we have worked in this field for over a decade. We want to continue to develop how we work within our UK communities, hence our Iftar campaign. We wish to create viable opportunities for donors to support those in need in a transparent and trusted manner.

How to get involved?

Host a delicious iftar with friends and family to raise vital funds to support ONE child for ONE whole year. Every guest who attends your Iftar can contribute towards saving an orphan in a country of your choice.  

Will you help us to support even more children this year?

Our goal is to support 10,000 new orphans from the month of Ramadan and onwards for a year. Join our ‘Iftar for an Orphan’ fundraiser and help make a difference. Just one Iftar can empower a child and build a brighter future. Just one meal with your friends and family can make a HUGE difference. 

With the help of you and your family, we want to raise £360 per family, which is less than £1 a day to support an orphan for 365 days 

This is a great fundraising opportunity, where you can raise funds to support your orphaned child, learn about them and see their progress over the year inshallah. This opportunity will be rewarding not only for the child you support but also for your family in terms of the enhanced barakah during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Iftar for an Orphan

The Orphan Sponsorship Programme

We support over 40,000 orphan children in 14 countries, including India, Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Palestine (Gaza), Gambia, Kenya, Mali, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

At Orphans In Need, we are here for the everyday provision of nutritional sustenance, access to education and financial security. The funds you provide will allow your child's guardian to ensure their education is maintained, including the provision of uniforms and equipment. That the children receive regular nutritious meals, and their health needs are met. We also meet emergency needs that they would otherwise be deprived of, like urgent medical care.

Our programmes are designed to assist and oversee the provision of all the basic amenities and all other essentials for children in the developing world. We along with our donors want to secure the future of our children beyond the here and now. We want to lay the foundations for these children to have a better adult life, a secure one where they may be able to help others in their families or wider communities. Your kind donation will be an investment towards your sponsored child's future.

Meet Esha & Aliza

Your sponsorship kept sisters Esha & Aliza together in our orphan home in Pakistan.

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We can also give you help and advice on fundraising ideas, should you require. 

Iftar Pack -

Once you have registered your iftar, we will send out your iftar pack containing some amazing recipes to prepare with your family. You will also receive a dua card for each of your guests and other goodies for your younger guests.

Invites - We will forward you a personalised virtual invite to share with your guests, with the time and date of the iftar. This will include an introduction to our organisation and what we aim to do with the funds you raise.

Orphan Sponsorship - Once you have achieved your target of £360, we will contact you to discuss which child you would like to sponsor along with the location. Details of our children along with portraits can be found on our website.

We will send you an Orphan pack, along with details of how we will feedback on the progress of your sponsored child through the next year.