• 17 April

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Fahma Mohamed Hassan

This is Fahma Mohamed Hassan, from Somalia

Fahma’s journey from infant orphan to degree-educated midwife

At just five years old, little Fahma knew nothing more than playing with her 6 siblings when the traumatic news of her father reached her home. Killed by gunmen while at work driving a lorry, the loss of Fahma's beloved father left the family reeling in shock. This grief was compounded by the harsh living situation the family immediately found themselves in. Fahma's grandfather stepped in to help his son's widow and children, but it was only a year later that he himself passed away leaving the family almost destitute once again. Fahma's mother took to doing domestic chores for local families just to earn enough for the family to eat, however, this barely covered their daily needs.

Fahma has a memory beyond her years as she recalls, “I'll never forget the short time I spent with my father, the way he took us to the market to buy things and the cute nicknames he had for us. Eid was the best time as we got to buy new clothes and have sweets all day! My mum found it so hard after he died, and I remember she would leave us with neighbours so she could go out and earn for us. I remember her coming home exhausted and missing her while she was gone..."

Despite the small one-bedroom home they rented, Fahma's mother had big dreams for her children and focused on getting the best education she could for them. OiN were alerted to Fahma's family and began orphan sponsorship of his bright and eager student. From not being able to afford school fees in 2018, Fahma was taken care of financially so she could concentrate fully on her studies. By 2022, Fahma officially completed university with a degree in Nursing and Midwifery. Fahma is currently working as a cashier in a secondary school as she looks for job opportunities in nursing to help her own community. With her current earnings, she helps to support her mother and finally give her the opportunity to rest after years of struggle and toil.

Fahma's mother, now speaking with pride and relief, reflects: "Despite the circumstances we were in, I always knew education is the only thing which will help my children in the future, so I committed to it. Once Fahma was sponsored by Orphans in Need, our situation changed to a level where I could manage things. That’s why my daughter completed her education.  Thank you, Orphan in Need and your donors, for your kind support and may Allah support you and reward you for every penny you spent upon us. You really supported us in hard times. Currently, Fahma started a new job and I hope she will reach her dreams insha’Allah.”

Fahma's own ambitions are all about supporting others, the same way she was supported: "I have always dreamt of becoming a midwife and that is why I knew I would study nursing and midwifery. Right now, I am planning to save money and borrow from others to establish my own a maternity centre and to help pregnant mothers have safe, healthy deliveries.”