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This school year, give an orphan what they need to succeed

It’s a familiar story for many parents at the start of the new school year. Buying a new uniform, making sure the shoes are polished and running through the logistics of the school run for that all-important first day.

It might seem stressful but our children are lucky to have access to a good education, and that we are there to worry about them and look after them.

For many orphaned children, having access to education is a struggle and being prepared for a new school year is an impossibility.

Many children like Ramatu have had to grow up fast since losing their parents, their priorities change from doing homework to looking after their remaining family. Your help gives them the perseverance to achieve success in their lives.

At Orphans in Need, we feel that education is a right – not a privilege. We want our orphaned children to become the architects, designers, and innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

Join us in giving these children the equipment they need that we take for granted. Through our Global Orphan Care programme, £25 can provide books, uniforms, stationery and a school bag to put it all in.

Please, act now and give these young lives the best start to the new school year.

Their future is in your hands.

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