• 15 July

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Why Orphanages

Orphanages are able to care for more children than a widow on her own.

Children are often sent to these institutions as a way of relieving a widow from the stress of providing for her family on very little income. Orphans in orphanages are given a safe environment in which to grow, given somewhere to sleep, regular food and schooling, and visit their families often. Most important though, is that children in orphanages are given a stable lifestyle that they would not find at home. They’re offered a routine and a calm space in places often affected by war and crime.

By supporting those institutions that are already set up (making them bigger and better), we will have more of an impact.

Tackling infrastructure issues

The infrastructure of other countries are not like the UK. There’s little governmental support for those trying to run orphanages and orphan care organisations abroad.

Things that we take for granted – food, healthcare and schooling- are not readily available to anyone, not even charitable organisations. Orphanages owners often need extra support.

By helping organisations (already set up within the countries where we work) to take on more children and provide better quality care, we are able to have more impact, and reach more orphans in need.