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Global Orphan Care

Global Orphan Care was set up to support orphaned children worldwide. It adds the extra support that every child needs and deserves.

The aim:

Global Orphan Care is two-fold; the goal is to share out the care across many, whilst also extending our reach.

We want to:

•   double the amount of children we are able to support

   provide food, clothing, educational support and healthcare on a massive scale

   have a huge impact on thousands of lives

   continue to put towards work in 14 different countries

How does it work?

Money raised through this campaign will not only be spent on sponsored children, it will be spent on everyone.

It will support:

1. Orphanages and institutions

2. Orphan care projects

3. Families with unsponsored children

By giving aid to the orphanages we work with, we will have a greater effect on the lives of more children.
Read more about this, here.

How will your money be spent?

£42 per month will go towards improving all areas of a child’s life, providing what’s needed to create a stable and steady lifestyle.






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