• 24 May

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Orphans in Need launches new campaign – Global Orphan Care

Orphans in Need are celebrating Ramadan this year by launching a brand new campaign.

Global Orphan Care aims to double the amount of children we are able to support across the globe.

Recently, we’ve been focusing on one particular statistic: 5,760 more children become orphans every single day.

It’s easy enough to look at the length of that number and be shocked by the sheer amount. But spend a little more time mulling it over… the numbers here aren’t just a statistic, they’re real children, in real need. It’s almost unimaginable.

With this in mind, we’re spurred on to do more – a lot more!

We want to double the amount of children we care for, giving each and every one of them all of the ingredients they need for a stable upbringing and a happy life.

We’re aiming to provide each with food, clothing, an education and any healthcare they might need. We’re hoping to reach those that aren’t currently sponsored, whilst simultaneously extending our reach.

This should mean we cover the care of 40,000 children worldwide.

We’ll be channelling more money in to areas such as support for orphanages, institutions and orphan care projects. We’ll also be looking at helping widows who have orphans left unsponsored.


Why Orphanages?

Well, we looked at our spending logically. Orphanages are able to care for more orphans than a widow on her own, and often take on children as a way of relieving a widow from the stress of providing for her family on very little income. Children in their care get more for less, as the home they become a part of is already set up.

By the time an orphan arrives a project or institution, key aspects of child care (such as the provision of; education, clothing, nutritional food, physical and emotional health) are already operating together to create a stable lifestyle for each child. They’re offered routine and a calm space in places often affected by war and crime.

By supporting those institutions that are already up and running, making them bigger and better, we will have more of an impact, and affect the lives of more orphans in need.

The infrastructure of other countries are not like the UK. Sometimes there’s little governmental support for those trying to run orphanages and orphan care organisations abroad. Things that we take for granted – food, healthcare and schooling- are not readily available , and therefore the individuals who take on orphaned children need as much help as they can get.

Below are images of one of the orphanages that would benefit from this new campaign – Ghonsalla in Islamabad, Pakistan.