• 23 June

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Get involved with Orphans in Need's events and challenges. Fundraisers allow our team to continue to offer vital support for communities we work with, both in the UK and around the world.


There are upwards of 15 million people in the UK alone who regularly give selflessly of their time, energy and skills to help others less fortunate. Millions of people who know that giving something of themselves brings personal rewards for the body and soul. They understand that helping others is rewarding; a sense of purpose; a job well done. Many are part of Team OIN.

At Orphans in Need we could not achieve our objectives without our Team OIN volunteers. Every ounce of support, be it occasionally or regularly, is vital to help us eradicate the barriers that orphans and widows face. Our volunteers are part of the life-blood of our charity. If you want more out of life than just taking, why not take that first step and surprise yourself? It won’t hurt; it’s just a little ‘click’!

We’re proud of Team OIN and we take every opportunity to meet and motivate members to raise funds and enlist more volunteers. Regular get-togethers provide fun occasions to share and discuss new ideas. Why not start up your own local Team OIN and share a common purpose? Email [email protected] for an information pack and details of events where we hope to meet and thank you in person for your vital support. Team OIN – a real, caring, global family.

Orphans in Need Week

Some of our supporters share their ideas for Orphans in Need Week.


Any organisation is only as good as its people and in our volunteer fundraisers we’ve got some of the most innovative and dedicated folk on the planet. They raise thousands of pounds for us every year and we’re constantly amazed at their energy and commitment. If you’re one of those ‘get up and do’ people who can’t sit still then have a look at the sort of fundraising activities our volunteers have dreamt up; you can probably think of other ideas as well.

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you some donation boxes and a pack of ideas to get you started. And talking of starts, think of how many friends, family and acquaintances you meet in a week. If you asked them all for just £1 you could provide a food parcel for a widow and orphans for very little effort.

How easy can it be to give impoverished people a brighter future? Go on, be proud of yourself. Be an Orphans in Need Team OIN volunteer fundraiser and help save lives.