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Orphans in Gaza

We’re bringing hope to the Gaza orphans, helping them navigate their way out of immense hardship .

Orphans in Need’s sponsor an orphan in Palestine programme is designed to provide safe and protected environments to otherwise helpless children. An orphan is defined as a child who has lost one or both parents, leaving them in an unbelievably vulnerable position. Meanwhile, the entirety of Gaza is facing incredible hardship, meaning that Palestine orphans are struggling more than ever. As a result, we developed our orphans in Palestine programme to feed them, clothe them, and care for them. With your help, we can ensure that an orphan’s unfortunate circumstances won’t define their future.  

Join us in making a difference today with our Gaza orphan sponsorship. ⤵
Your support could

Provide early learning opportunities to a child in Palestine
Offer skills training and financial assistance to widows
Support the health and well-being of an orphan in Palestine
Give a child in Palestine hope

After sponsoring one of the orphans of Gaza, you will receive

A welcome pack
A photo of your beneficiary
Regular updates


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Faez Mohammed Ahmed Abo Warda
9 Years

Palestine, MiddleEast

Basam Emad Basam Azam
8 Years

Palestine, MiddleEast

Ahmed Ibrahim Isam Abo Saef
9 Years

Palestine, MiddleEast

Orphan Sponsorship

Our orphan sponsorship programme offers vulnerable children a way out of the neglect, abuse and exploitation they face
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The difference that you are making to lives

When you sponsor an orphan the impact is life-changing. See how Orphans in need are making lasting change to these children’s lives.

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Sponsored in Palestine

Currently we sponsor over 4000 orphaned children in Palestine


Sponsored in Gaza

Currently we sponsor over 3000 orphaned children in Gaza

6 million

Meals given in Ramadan

More than 6 million meals to orphans and widows during Ramadan


Orphans & Widows

We support over 100,000 orphans and widows worldwide.

Putting the focus on lasting impact and change

Click on a child to learn about their story

When you sponsor an orphan the impact is life-changing. See how Orphans in need are making lasting change to these children’s lives.

Creating a bond

For every child sponsored, we provide yearly reports including education progress tracking and letters from the child to you. Build a lasting bond and write back to your sponsored child

Sponsor a Child

The transformative impact of your sponsorship

Palestine orphan sponsorship allows you to make a life-changing difference for those who need it most. Learn more about making a lasting change for the children of Gaza with Orphans in Need.

If you sponsor an orphan in Palestine, you can make a lasting impact in the lives of those in need like no other. While one-time donations are incredibly valuable, orphan sponsorship allows you to support a vulnerable child continually. What’s more, we provide you with updates about your sponsored child’s progress, meaning you get to see the powerful impact of your donations.  

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to visit your sponsored child; however, this isn’t to say that you won’t be able to see their progress. Orphans in Need works to bring you on the journey with your sponsored child by providing you with an initial welcome pack, a photo of your beneficiary, and regular updates about what your sponsorship has made possible for them.  

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