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Winter Appeal

6Wrap Them Up With Your Warmth And Love This Winter.

In the darkness, a child weeps as the savage cold begins to tighten its icy grip. With each degree the temperature drops, their chance of survival decreases. With no family to support them, who will provide that blanket of safety and warmth this winter?

It’s a familiar story across many of the countries we work in. Young children on the edges of society, without the means to keep themselves warm when winter sets in. Without your intervention, these young souls are at the mercy of frostbite, hyperthermia and in the worst cases, death.

At Orphans in Need we have practical experience in giving the best care possible to orphaned children. We have the logistical means and experience to provide our specialist winter packs where they are needed most. A warm blanket, coat, hat, scarf and gloves can be the difference between life and death but also provides every child with a loving warm hug from you. Will You Be Their Safety Blanket?

Winter Fact

In 2015, your generous donations enabled us to provide over 2,000 winter packs to help save the lives of widows and children who were in desperate need. This year, your help is needed more than ever. Young lives are at risk. Donate Now.


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