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This is Safiya, 10 Years Old

She lives in Somalia where her father was killed in tribal violence.

After this, she began living with her mother, her aunt and her sisters.

With no breadwinner, the family suffered greatly. They had no money coming in to the house, and this meant Safiya’s mother could not pay for her to go to school. The children also were only eating one meal a day, whilst the adults skipped meals.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

In 2015 Safiya’s life changed for the better. Orphans in Need began to sponsor her, meaning that (for the first time) her mother could afford to send her to school and Quran madrasa. The family also receive food parcels now, meaning they have at least two meals a day instead of one.

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We met Daddy Mammy Coker. He is 15 years old and a perfect student in his school. He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up and his main interest is of course football. 

Anees Azhar

He lives in Pakistan. In 2011, his father suffered a fatal heart attack, leaving Anees, his mother (Kousar Parveen) and sister (Zainab Noor) to look after each other.