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This is Hajira, 40 Years Old

A gas leak destroyed her life. 

Sana went to make tea for her husband. At the time she didn’t know that the gas cylinder was leaking and so she lit a match and leant in towards the cooker. The next thing she knew was that she was on fire and two of her children, who were asleep behind her, were also on fire.

Sana and her children survived, but her husband didn’t. Her two children suffered severe burns leaving one permanently disfigured and almost 74% of Sana’s body seriously affected. Even after weeks of recovery, Sana can’t stand or sit for too long and with young children, whom she is now responsible for, Sana desperately needed help. 

An estimated 180,000 deaths are caused by burns every year. 

Since we met Sannah we’ve been providing food and support to her and her family. We also gave safety training in gas usage to make Sannah and her family feel safe at home again. Sannah lost everything in a matter of minutes and feared that her children would suffer more than they already have. 

Your support helps us be there for widows like Sannah. By providing food, clothes, medical support and education to relieve their suffering and give them better opportunities for their futures. 

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We met Daddy Mammy Coker. He is 15 years old and a perfect student in his school. He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up and his main interest is of course football. 

Anees Azhar

He lives in Pakistan. In 2011, his father suffered a fatal heart attack, leaving Anees, his mother (Kousar Parveen) and sister (Zainab Noor) to look after each other.