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Orphans Village

Orphans In Need is dedicated to providing the best care we can for our orphaned children. We want to ensure that they can aspire to a future full of opportunities for a fulfilling life. Our aim is to establish a network of orphanages as Centres of Excellence where education and skills will enable individuals to achieve their full potential. A village that orphans can truly call home.

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Orphans’ Village

Buildings Building Lives

We provide the underpinning material infrastructure, financial support, medical care, education provision, clothing, toys and all necessary facilities but at the core of our work is each individual child who is given love, respect and security of the highest quality possible.


Our immediate concern is the long-term future

We recognise that we cannot solve all the world’s ills so we focus on where we can achieve the best results for the most deserving. Our aim is an achievable, successful future for every orphan we support so that they face that future with confidence, self-esteem, happiness and the work skills to succeed in a chosen trade or profession. Our Orphans’ Villages are placed close to colleges, universities and other places of learning so, as our children grow into adulthood, they can to aspire to well-paid occupations benefiting themselves, their neighbourhood and national economies.

Progress on The Delhi Orphan Village

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Floor Plans

Floor Plans

The Orphans Village - Delhi


Hundreds of orphans who have lost their parents will be accommodated.

22 houses have been built, which will each accommodate 12 orphans and a widow.


The Orphans Village will feature an integrated school and Mosque.

The Mosque will accommodate up to 1,000 Musallis. The school will provide primary/secondary education and skills training.


Each child will be clothed, educated to the highest local standards and receive a minimum of three meals a day.

Special needs will be accommodated, including disabilities.


Medical treatment and counselling will be available, if required.

Our fully trained staff and volunteers will care for these children in a family-orientated environment. Homeless widows will be employed as live-in mothers.

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How you can invest

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Where the money will go?
Interior of the Orphans Village
Interior of the Orphans Village

You Can Help


We still need your help to build the Orphans Village school and mosque buildings – ensuring the children receive the best all-round education. These institutions will be dedicated to ensure they experience the best level of education and spiritual development, along with other local children.

Make your contribution now towards a classroom, school equipment and the school building, to ensure a lasting legacy for orphans for years to come.