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Give warmth & hope to an
orphan this winter

Thousands of children like Mahar will be forced to face the harshest of winters alone. Young children on the edges of society find themselves at the mercy of the elements. Many have no means to keep themselves warm when the winter sets in. Without your intervention, these young souls are at risk of frostbite, hyperthermia and in the worst cases, death.

At Orphans in Need we work tirelessly on the ground to deliver much needed kits to provide respite from the difficult conditions they face. We constantly strive to extend our reach and depth to those most in need. Our crucial hope for the future is that one day we may not need to provide these children with these basic necessities by equipping them with essential skills for a brighter future.

Through our Global Orphan Care programme, just £25 can provide a warm blanket, coat, hat, scarf and gloves to see them through the bitterly cold winter months.

In 2016, your generous donations enabled us to provide 4731 winter packs to help save the lives of widows and children who were in desperate need. This year, your help is needed more than ever. Young lives are at risk.