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Give thanks to Allah this Ramadan

This Ramadan join us in thanking Allah for all he has blessed us with. Support some of the world’s most vulnerable orphans and widows with our life-changing programmes.

Thanks to Allah, you can give 

“If you give thanks, I will give you more.” (Qur’an 14:7)

You can be the one to change a life 

"Do good as Allah has done to you.  (Qur’an 28:77) 

Ramadan is a sacred opportunity to praise Allah by helping those most deserving. Despite the tremendous difficulties of the past year, we can thank Him for bringing us through the COVID-19 crisis and empowering us to support those in need. Thanks to Allah, you can be the one to ensure a vulnerable family has enough to eat. You can be the one to save a child from sexual exploitation. You can be the one to prevent a forced marriage.  

Change lives with Ramadan with Orphans in Need 

Every Ramadan, Orphans in Need supports thousands of orphans and widows in 14 countries across Asia and Africa. Thanks to Allah, as well as continuing to deliver our long-term projects, our teams in the field work tirelessly to deliver hot meals and food parcels, helping vulnerable families to observe Iftaar and Suhoor without worrying where their next meal will come from. 

153 million

There are over 153 million orphan children worldwide. 


By the end of the day, another 10,000 children will become orphans.  

258 million

258 million women worldwide are widows, majority of whom live in extreme poverty.  


Should an able-bodied Muslim not be able to complete a day of fasting out of necessity, whether due to ill health or starting the menstruation cycle, they can delay their fast and make the time up later in the year. If they are unable to make up the fast, a small tax of £4 can be made for each day that a fast has been missed. This tax, known as Fidya, contributes to providing two meals to a person in need. If someone misses all the fasts of Ramadan, it would amount to £120.

Donate Fidya


The tax for deliberately missing or breaking a fast without a valid reason is known as Kaffarah and demands either fasting continuously for 60 further days or donating enough to feed 60 impoverished persons. Each time a fast is intentionally missed, a donation of £240 is expected to help those in need.

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