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"The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a Mujahid (warrior) who fights for Allah's Cause, or like him who performs prayers all the night and fasts all day."  (Hadith)

Serve the world’s poorest as One Ummah united

The beautiful month of Ramadan has arrived and with it comes the promise of immense rewards and blessings for the believers. As we fast during the Spring days, and increase in our night-time worship, our thoughts will inevitably include those who do not enjoy the same security and peace as we do. For the widows and orphans we support, Ramadan is a time they rely on the mercy of their Ummah more than ever. Across the world, widows and orphans remain the most vulnerable groups in society, afflicted with poverty, debt and lack of secure housing.

This Ramadan, show our Ummah the power of One intention for the sake of the One who created us all. Be there to relieve a struggling widow from the burden of hunger, homelessness and debt this Ramadan. Give for the sake of the One.

“The Prophet () was the most generous of all the people, and he used to become more generous in Ramadan”  (Sahih Al Bukhari) 

Last year, you came together as One last year to provide almost 12 million meals to fasting communities, including 20,000 food parcels to give relief to 95,000 people who would otherwise be burdened by hunger

The UK's Leading Orphan Charity

As well as continuing to deliver our long-term projects such as our renowned Orphan Sponsorship and Global Orphan Care Programmes, our teams are currently on the field working tirelessly to deliver life-saving Food Parcels this Ramadan. At Orphans in Need, we promise to put our children first and make sure their hopes and needs are met.  

We ensure we follow strict guidelines and adhere to Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies at all times. We specialise in providing high-quality orphan care and education to protect them and create the next generation of doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and future leaders that will prosper in impoverished communities.