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We are pleased to present you with a brief feedback of the amazing work that your support has allowed Orphans in Need to carry out over the last year. The booklet shows the significant progress that our Orphans Village in India has made as well our plans for its launch and accommodating the first group of children by Summer 2015.

In addition to the building of the Orphans Village, your unwavering support is making a significant difference to the lives of thousands of innocent children. You currently now provide regular support to over 9,000 children through our regular orphan sponsorship programme. Just £30 a month takes care of an orphan’s needs and gives them the hope to build a positive future for themselves.

The report is a testimony to the efforts made by you. We have strived to provide these children and widows with quality care and support, and continue to strive to help as many more as we possibly can.

We humbly request your continued support in making a difference to the lives of the most needy, particularly in the lead up to Ramadan where hunger for us is temporary but for many orphans and widows is a daily reality.

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