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This winter, for just £50 you can provide warm clothing, blankets and fuel for families who otherwise may not survive the winter

One of our unique projects is the Springs of Hope family centre for Syrian orphans and widowed mothers. With over 215 orphans in our full time care and 70 widowed mothers, Springs of Hope is a safe home located on the border of Turkey and Syria, in Reyhanli, where we provide food, clothes, healthcare and education to the orphans, as well as help the mothers up-skill to find work.

SKT Welfare will be distributing warm clothing, blankets and fuel to families in Pakistan, Gaza, Syria, Kashmir and here at home in the UK. For just £50, you can help make sure a family in need receive warmth and protection this winter.

Temperatures drop below freezing at night during the winter months, and many of Pakistan’s poorest and most vulnerable people just don’t have the money to buy winter clothes or blankets. Millions of the country’s poorest people live in fear that they won’t make it through the winter.


What is your advice to aspiring writers reading this?

Write daily and read widely, wisely and well! Get yourself into a writing community, start honing your skills and develop your writing voice. The sky is the limit! If you are interested, I also have a free 6 week writing course for those just starting out:

What was the most rewarding moment in your career?

Choosing one moment would be hard! I was incredulous when my first book, ‘The Swirling Hijab’ was published! And then when ‘Ramadan Moon’, and ‘Going to Mecca’ became family favourites. I also loved working with Mufti Menk on my book ‘Let it go’, based off quotes from his book ‘Motivational Moments.’

What are your plans for the future?

I always wanted to be the Muslim Michael Morpurgo! Insha’Allah, I would like to have published 50 books within the next 5 years - and I plan to break into new genres like chapter books and adult fiction. The second book in the series with Mufti Menk is also due within the year, which is very exciting!

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