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153 million

There are over 153 million orphan children worldwide. 


By the end of the day, another 10,000 children will become orphans.  

258 million

258 million women worldwide are widows, majority of whom live in extreme poverty.  

You can make a difference tonight. 

War, disease and poverty, has torn families apart causing millions of children to be without a parent(s) and millions of women widowed. Families who have lost their breadwinner are struggling to survive and risking their lives for just a morsel of food. They are subjecting themselves to methods of humiliation and neglect to have their basic needs and their human rights met.  

We want to help the millions of orphans and widows in the world’s most poverty-stricken areas to give them what they deserve. 

Tonight, we want to rescue orphans from the streets and give them shelter, we want to find sponsors for orphan children and give them an education, finally, we want to give widowed mothers new homes so that they can raise their children in happier and safer homes. 

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Rescue an Orphan. 

Just £150 will take a vulnerable child off the streets and give them a safe home, clean clothes and food. You can give a child a new start in life. 


Feed a Widow and her Family. 

Just a one-off payment of £360 will provide enough food for a widowed mother and her orphaned children for an entire year.


Sponsor an Orphan. 

Earn multiple rewards by sponsoring an orphaned child. £360 per year can help towards providing shelter, food, medical care and support.


Feed an Orphanage for one month. 

£1000 will provide enough food to feed an Orphanage for an entire year.


Build a Home for a Widow. 

Earn multiple rewards by building a home for a widowed family. £5000 will help a widowed mother care for her children better.

Every home we build has a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and bedrooms for each family member. We also include blankets, bedding and cushions to make the family feel at home. 


We support over 40,000 orphans and sponsor more than 12,000. Thanks to Allah we’ve built homes for 10 widows in The Gambia and have plans to build more. 

Help us continue our blessed work by donating now.