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The Month of Safar

Safar is the second month in the Islamic calendar and means ‘void’ or ‘empty’, in reference to how houses would be empty as people would go out to gather food and provisions or be involved in battles. The word ‘Safar’ has the same root letters as the word ‘travel’ does in Arabic (alsafar).

Several battles were fought during this month, including the battles of Abwaa and Khyber, so Allah (SWT) commanded the Muslims to move to Madina to avoid further conflict, which reinforced Islam being a peaceful religion.

Many Muslims choose to complete Umrah during the month of Safar due to there being fewer people in Makkah, compared with the number of people in the months of Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah. This is a popular choice as travelling in this month would be more peaceful, which will benefit your worship of Allah (SWT).

When is Safar This Year?

The month of Safar begins after the month of Muharram has ended. This year, Safar will begin on 18th August 2023, and will end when the month of Rabi-Al Awwal starts, which will be on 17th September 2023.

Events That Took Place During This Month

There were several events that occurred during the month of Safar, including the Prophet (PBUH) migrating to Madina from Makkah, the Prophet’s (PBUH) daughter Fatima (RA) getting married to Ali, and Hasan Ibn Ali (RA) attaining martyrdom. The Prophet (PBUH) also fell ill during this month. These events can be reflected upon during this month.

Another event that occurred during the month of Safar was when the Prophet (PBUH) left Makkah for Madina. On the 27th day of Safar, a group of the Quraysh waited outside the house of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at night, intending to assassinate him to prevent him from spreading Islam further. The Prophet (PBUH) instructed his cousin, Ali (RA) to sleep in his bed and reassured him that he would not be killed.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left his house while reciting ‘And We have put a barrier before them, and a barrier behind them, and We have covered them up so that they cannot see’. [Qur’an, 36:9]

None of the Quraysh saw the Prophet (PBUH), who went to Abu Bakr’s (RA) house and left Makkah together. They took a route that they knew the Quraysh would not expect them to and then hid in the cave of Thawr to avoid being found. When they left the cave, they headed to Madina to spread the message of Islam.

What Should We Do in the Month of Safar?

While the month of Safar is not particularly sacred and does not have specific fasting or worship recommendations, we should be engaging in worship all year round, which means this month is no different. We can reflect on the events that occurred during this month, as well as perform extra acts of worship like giving charity, doing dhikr, and helping others.

Giving charity is virtuous at any time and should be done regularly with good intentions. You can donate to Orphans in Need this Safar by sponsoring an orphan or donating to one of our appeals.

Choose to make a one-off or monthly donation, which will no doubt benefit the recipients immeasurably, and will also benefit you greatly in the next life, Insha’Allah.

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