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Jamada Al-Awwal

The Jamada Al-Awwal month is the fifth one in the Islamic calendar and indicates the beginning of summer. In fact, “Jamada” is derived from the Arabic word “Jamad”, which means rainless or dry. Despite this, the fact that the Islamic calendar (Hijri calendar) is determined via the sighting of the moon, Jamada Al-Awwal will fall during autumn/winter this year.

What is Jamada Al-Awwal?

Jamada Al-Awwal is a month in which it’s encouraged to take charge of one’s faith, commit oneself to Allah (SWT), and care for those who need it most. As a result, the month can be perceived as one of consideration and dedication. With this being said, there aren’t any specific requirements or deeds to be fulfilled in this month; however, this then presents Muslims with the perfect opportunity to use this time as a period of reflection. This reflection could be in regard to one’s connection with Allah (SWT) and interaction with the Qur’an in its entirety.

Jamada Al-Awwal 2023

Jamada Al-Awwal is set to begin on 15th November this year and end on 13th December; however, this is dependent on the sighting of the new moon.

Jamada Al-Awwal Significance

Jamada Al-Awwal is a month of great importance due to the various events that occurred. In fact, anyone that was born or died during this month was blessed by Allah (SWT) and welcomed into Jannah.

Significant Jamada Al-Awwal Dates

The four most significant dates of Jamada Al-Awwal are the 5th, 10th, 13th, and 15th. On the 5th, Zainab (RA), the third child of Hazrat e Fatimah was born; however, she wasn’t born into a happy existence. Despite this, the misery that she endured throughout her life meant that she was honoured, and the respect for her continues right up until the present, with many people still visiting her tomb in Egypt.

Unfortunately, Fatimah (RA) died on the 10th Jamada Al-Awwal and was buried by Hazrat e Ali on the 13th. Her passing was a consequence of a painful illness.

Finally, the 15th Jamada Al-Awwal marks the birth of Zain ul Abideen (RA), who was otherwise described as “the son of the best two”. Right from his birth, he received great respect because of his unwavering faith in Islam. His undying dedication was clear due to his praying for the whole of the nights during Ramadan. Sadly, his life was taken via poison.

Important Jamada Al-Awwal Events

One of the most notable events of Jamada Al-Awwal is the Moota battle, in which Hazrat Zaid (RA) was chosen for battle. This conflict was between 200,000 Arab and Roman soldiers and 3000 Muslim troops and, in spite of the huge deviation in size, the Muslims were victorious, thanks to Allah (SWT).

In addition to this triumph, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Khadija (RA) married during this month, in which Khadija (RA) proposed to the Prophet (PBUH) by sending one of her friends. This proposal was accepted, and the pair tied the knot.

Similarly, the martyrdom of Hazrat e Zayd (RA) took place during Jamada Al-Awwal. Initially, Hazrat e Zayd (RA) martyred; however, Hazrat e Jaffar was forced to carry the charge. Jaffar’s (RA) heroic and brave fight against the enemies was praised by the soldiers who had returned from battle, as his lost hand and 90 wounds were described. Thankfully, the Prophet (PBUH) declared that Allah (SWT) had granted Jaffar (RA) wings to fly to Jannah.

The aforementioned isn’t the only martyrdom to have taken place during this month, with Hazrat Abdullah (RA) also experiencing such. As a famous poet of Arabia, Abdullah (RA) was deemed “Poet of the Messenger” and he communicated victory to Madina.

The death of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (RA) also took place during the month of Jamada Al-Awwal; he was the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a dream he had prior to his death determined who would care for Muhammad (PBUH) upon his death. The dream dictated that the care of the eight-year-old Muhammad (PBUH) should be assigned to the Prophet’s (PBUH) uncle.

Make Jamada Al-Awwal Count

As previously mentioned, the month of Jamada Al-Awwal presents the perfect opportunity to reflect upon one’s life and one’s connection with Allah (SWT). Whether you improve upon how you pray and read the Qur’an or complete more acts of charity, there are so many ways in which you can strengthen your connection with the Almighty and better yourself as a Muslim.

Since Jamada Al-Awwal is a month of multiple births and deaths, perhaps you’ll consider the effect that you have on the world. Allah (SWT) places everyone on earth for a reason, and we’re only provided with a limited window to make our impact. Why not make yours today?

Improving upon your generous and giving nature is one of the best ways that you can better yourself as a Muslim and a human. Donate to Orphan In Need this Jamada Al-Awwal to make a difference.

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