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Gaza needs us now, more than ever. In Gaza, 253 Palestinians have been killed, including 66 children, and 39 women. Airstrikes have destroyed homes, and hundreds of children are out on the streets battling for their lives each day.

Despite the recent ceasefire announcement, they continue to be subjected to military brutality, profound grief, loss of assets, starvation, and fatal disease.

Some children have become orphaned and have very little access to food, clean water and protection. The children of Palestine are in great danger.

The death toll is expected to rise, and our teams are working tirelessly to support orphans and widows trapped in conflict.

Join us in this fundraising challenge, and together, we can be Gaza’s lifeline – one child at a time. 

All donations will go towards our Gaza emergency appeal and help those most in need. Our teams will be delivering food packs, providing clean water to families and life - saving medication.
We will also be protecting orphans in Gaza by enrolling them on our orphan sponsorship programme. Each child will have access to food, clothes, medical and quality education. 

How to register:

  • Register via the form below.
  • We will create a personalised fundraising page for you, and email you the link.
  • Your fundraising target will be set to a minimum of 90 towards Gaza emergency. Orphans in need will allocate the funds towards where most needed, the funds will be towards, providing urgent food packs, life –saving medication, providing clean water and sponsoring orphans.
  • Once you’re all set, just share your page on social media and with your friends and family, and raise as much as you can!

You can make a difference.

If you can’t take part this time around, you can still show your support by donating through our Launch Good page.

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