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Virtual 10K Challenge

With sports events cancelled or postponed, Orphans in Need invite you to take part in our Virtual 10K Challenge!

How will it work?

  • Be ready at your chosen start line (your local park, favourite running spot, wherever you want!) at 9:30am on Sunday 9th August
  • Run, walk, or even cycle the 10K
  • Share your victory photos at the end using the hashtag #OIN10K and tagging us on social media @orphansinneed

Take part for FREE:

Unlike other 10K’s, there will be no entry fee for our Virtual 10K Challenge! Get your friends and family to donate through our JustGiving page!

Everyone who takes part in the 10K will share and donate to the same JustGiving page to help raise funds for vulnerable orphaned children and widowed families who are in desperate need of your support.

Sign up to the Virtual 10K Challenge:

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I agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information marked 'confidential' as well as any information about Orphans in Need or the charity’s internal procedures, business operations, existing or prospective donor information, proprietary business information, personnel information and the like that is not otherwise publicly disclosed by Orphans in Need.

In accordance with the The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation, I agree that Orphans in Need may hold and use personal information about me for volunteering and marketing reasons and to keep in touch with me. This information, including that contained in this form can be stored on both manual or computer files. It will be held securely and only accessed by authorized personnel.



Download a fitness app to track your route and ensure you know when you have crossed the 10K mark!

We recommend Strava. It’s free to download on iOS and Android, and allows you to track your run or ride with GPS.

*If you cannot partake on the 9th August, please join us throughout the whole month of August by walking, running or cycling 10K*

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