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Skydive Challenge Part II

Release your inner daredevil and take the plunge with the OiN Skydive! Strapped to a qualified instructor, you will free fall from 15,000 feet at an exhilarating 120mph before parachute landing into the Drop Zone.

Your sky dive will take place at the North London Skydiving Centre, with a bunch of other adrenaline-junkies eager to make a difference!

Hundreds of orphan children across the world live on the dangerous streets, where they are vulnerable to the risk of child labour, sexual abuse, trafficking and even murder.

Kashmir alone has more than 600,000 orphans who are at risk of these threats, with the recent floods of 2014 have only adding to this number.

The Skydive Challenge is to raise awareness of the plight of these children, and to raise funds for a new orphanage to house local orphans that have lost their parents in war-torn Kashmir.

So gear up and fall through the clouds in this thrilling and unforgettable once in a lifetime experience!

Where and When...

29th August | North London Skydiving Center, Chatteris airfield, Block Fen Drove, Wimblington

North London Skydiving Centre Ltd. Based in Cambridgeshire, Their ‘beginners’ Tandem Skydives take place from altitudes up to 13,000 feet! North London Skydiving Centre consistently completes more Tandem Skydives each year than any other centre in the UK. They operate fast / high capacity aircraft (such as our fantastic, big purple, De Havilland Twin Otter which can drop over 500 skydivers each day) and benefit from perhaps some of the best UK weather conditions due to there easterly location and is also recognised by Sport England as a Significant Area for Sport.

Registration Information:

Minimum funds to raise: £360

Registration Fee:
– Adult (16 and over)- £140
For more information contact:

On the Day...

Comfortable clothing

Avoid very loose clothing or materials that would bunch up under a harness i.e. denim! Hoodies and collars may cause sight obstructions, so best to stick to sweatshirts!


Tennis shoes seem to be best, but any pair of laced-up trainers will do!

Packed lunch

Make sure it’s enough to keep you sustained throughout the day, but nothing too heavy!


Transport will be provided from London, Bradford and Birmingham. See below pick up times and locations

Qualified sky diving instructors

You’re in safe hands!

Jumpsuit and Helmet

Goggles can also be provided if you wear glasses!

Two free trial flights in the Wind Tunnel Freefall Simulator and Hovercraft Trial

Experience the highly addictive sensations of free fall without actually having to jump out of a plane!

A free Orphans in Need T shirt!

The Weather!

    You can never tell what the great British skies will churn out, so keep an eye on the forecasts and dress accordingly!



For more information contact

or call

020 7100 8866


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