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Soliha Akhter Parray

16 yrs old


This is Soliha.

Soliha lives in the Anantnag District, northern India.

Soliha was living a comfortable and normal life until the death of her father in 2000. After this, her family’s situation changed completely.

Without a breadwinner to support her, Soliha’s mother was under huge stress and could not manage the family’s expenses or education. Soliha and her brother had to stop going to school, meaning her future was at risk.

Thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Fortunately, Soliha did not miss much of her schooling and began living at an orphanage where she began an organised and steady education. She visited her family regularly and became healthier and happier

More recently, she’s been offered a place a renowned and modern learning facility which houses all of the latest equipment. With this extra opportunity in place, Soliha’s mother is hopeful that her future will be bright and successful.


Sohlia 2016

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