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Showket Ahmad Mir

10 yrs old


This is Showket

He grew up in Jammu & Kashmir, India.

In 2005 Showket’s father, Gulistan, died.

After this, for Showket’s, mother, brother and two sisters’ life came to a complete, grinding halt. They became homeless and with no source of income, no breadwinner, the large family struggled to make ends meet.  Showket’s mother was unable to pay school fees or feed her children properly.

With little to no food, Showket’s health was dramatically affected, and he gradually became ill.


Now, thanks to sponsorship rom Orphans in Need, all of this changed…

Using the support of Orphans in Need, Showket was able to start school. He is now studying at one of the most reputed schools in the area.  He has obtained 96% in the last examination.

He lives at an orphanage, visits his family when he can, and is now also receiving regular meals. He has a custom, prescribed menu of nutrition in order to improve his health.

His new lifestyle in the orphanage is stable and secure, and he is therefore more emotionally balanced and happy.

His sisters are also being provided with necessary assistance by Orphans in Need and are doing well at school.

Showket has decided he would like to be a pilot when he gets older.


His mother says:

“I am extremely thankful to Orphans in Need for supporting my orphan child.

I hope that this support will continue so that my son is able to complete his studies which will surely enable him to stand on his feet and earn a livelihood for us in the near future”.

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