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Ishfaq Ahmad

13 yrs old

This is Ishfaq.

After the death his father in an accident, he and his family grieved for a long time.

Ishfaq, his brother, two sisters and mother now had to fend for themselves, and with no male head of the family to provide for them financially, they were on the verge of starvation.

Their life was completely changed and Ishfaq’s mental health was particularly affected in his grief, and he became quite depressed.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, things are getting better…

One of Orphans in Need’s representatives noticed Ishfaq whilst he was out searching for work. They put him forward for sponsorship, and he now receives monthly support.

This consistent safety net gives Ishfaq the chance to have a steady and stable lifestyle, and come to terms with his loss.

He is now living in an orphanage (taking trips to see his family when he can), and his life is much improved.  He receives monthly sponsorship from Orphans in Need, meaning he is eating well and is therefore physically healthier.

But this is not the only way that our Food Packages make a difference. Now that Ishfaq knows where his next meal is coming from, a lot of stress has been relieved. He is therefore mentally healthy and happy, and can continue his education without disruption.

He has now started going to school on a regular basis, and has developed a great interest in reading, writing and learning the Quran. He has achieved the mark of 85% in his studies and  dreams of becoming an engineer



Ishfaq 2 (2016)


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