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Faiz Ahmad

10 yrs old


This is Faiz

Faiz was very young when his father passed away due to a serious illness.

He and his mother were left alone with nobody to support them. His mother went through a number of problems in this time but did not want Faiz to remain uneducated. She did odd jobs to provide for Faiz as best she could but the high costs of education meant she could not pay his school fees.

I never thought about myself. Faiz is the most important to me, I can’t see him sleep with an empty stomach, I decided to work no matter what kind”, she said.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Faiz is now sponsored by Orphans in Need and his school fees are now paid by the charity. This means he can go to school, and fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor one day.

He and his mother both as they say are very thankful to the supporters of Orphans in Need: “We are very grateful to everybody associated with Orphans in Need, you all have made our lives so much better.”


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