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Amirul Islam

5 yrs old


This is Amirul.

Sadly, before Amirul was born, his father was mugged. He was shot dead on his way back home from work.

Amirul’s mother, Nasrin, was kicked out of her home when her husband died, and she went to live with her father who was very poor.

She and her father needed 25 kilograms of rice and flour each month to survive, but they were living off only 5 kilograms between them.

They were struggling to stay alive.

When Amirul was born, things became even harder. Nasrin is illiterate, and was unable to support herself or work to make enough money to feed herself or her child.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Thanks to your generous donations, Amirul and his family have been receiving orphan sponsorship for 3 years. Nasrin uses the sponsorship funds for educational necessities and uses what is left for food.



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