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Aima Amin

12 yrs old


This is Aima.

She has a younger sister, Amina, and a mother called Tabasum.

In 2007, Aima’s father passed away at only age 33, due to having a heart attack.

After his passing, Tabasum, Aima and her sister were kicked out of their home by Aima’s uncle, who did not want to let them stay as Tabasum had not produced any male children. They were left to provide for themselves and were not given the inheritance they were rightfully owed.



Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…

Both Aima and her sister are sponsored by Orphans in Need.

They now receive monthly food parcels and support in their education, whilst their mother earns a small wage teaching local women how to knit.

Tabasum has been fighting her in-laws at court for over 3 years to get her inheritance and the inheritance of her daughters, and Aima wants to become a police officer when she is older so that she can fight the injustice of her uncles.




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