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Our 2020 Magazine 


Last year we launched our first-ever magazine and this year we’ve done it again!

Our 2nd edition for 2020 is dedicated to one of our core values at Orphans in Need… Education!

Magazine sneak peek

Why is education important? How does it benefit orphaned children? What do we do differently for our children? This edition will give you an insight into what we do. From helping children throughout their studies, to bringing back their confidence and feeling valued. 

There is something in it for everyone, from how to bake a winning Ferrero Rocher cheesecake to activities you can do with the whole family. Download your copy now from the link below.

Download Our Magazine

 “It was refreshing to read… different from the normal letters you’d get from a charity. Enjoyable but still informative”

If you like what you read, then let us know! Share your feedback with us, we would love to hear your thoughts. 

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