Qurbani is performed on the tenth, eleventh or twelfth of Dhul Hijjah, and is wajib on all Muslim adults who possess a certain minimum level of wealth.

Orphans in Need is here to help you carry out your Qurbani and fulfil this important duty. We have thousands of widows and orphans in desperate need of our help. At this special time, we hope to be of those who receive the blessings of their sincere duaas.

We take great care in selecting our animals, ensuring them to be of superior quality. Rest assured that your Qurbani will be offered to the highest standards, with the meat going towards feeding needy orphans and widows.

By performing your Qurbani with Orphans in Need, you will ensure that a smile is brought to their faces. Help us to help them, and earn the rewards and pleasure of our lord. 

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